Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm Back

With damn near nothing to report, aside from the blueberry beer in Maine still tastes like freakin' blueberries, people.

I just submitted Episode One of Nosedive's entry in Vampire Cowboys's impending Saturday Night Saloon, a Western/noir series called Pinkie, which I hope people will get a kick out of. It will be performed on Saturday, September 29 at the Vampire Cowboys Battle Ranch in Williamsburg. I just finished Episode Two and am halfway through Ep. Three, so I'm clearly having fun with this this Philip Marlowe-in-the-Wild West story.

Also, The Blood Brothers shows have all been cast, and I'm really looking forward to having everyone on board with this and excited to see how they'll all turn out. Matt Johnston will be directing my larger piece, "Listening to Reason," and it looks as though Lil' Sistois will be directing my shorter piece, "Metaphor."

I'll be nattering about The Blood Brothers Present: PULP on this site often for the next few weeks.

Wow. Looks as though I actually did have some things to report. How 'bout that?

Returning to the pile of work on my desk,

James "Sigh, Back to Work" Comtois

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