Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pete and I Are Cartoon Characters

Our friend from high school, Jeremy Yuenger, has a comic strip called "Leave, Freeze or Die" that's featured in The main characters are (mildly) fictionalized versions of his (our) fellow high school alum.

His current arc is entitled "James Deletes His MySpace Page," which you can find here (and continues to strip #168).

Yes, that's kinda sorta how Pete and I looked and dressed in high school. Quit your snickering.

Always wanting to be a cartoon character,

James "Earthworm Jim" Comtois



Blogger Jeremy said...

Aw shucks, if using your character more often was all it took to get promoed, I'd do it more often.

But NOOO... *someone* keeps requesting perverted sexual favors. Tsk, tsk, Jim.

12:43 PM  

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