Friday, October 12, 2007

It Has Begun

So The Blood Brothers Present: PULP opened last night, and I think we got a pretty fun, kick-ass show on our hands (if I do say so myself). People looking for some unadulterated trashy, bloody fun will really enjoy themselves.

I made a point to be as hands-off in the rehearsal process as possible, so I was able to see the show last night ostensibly for the first time. I'm really glad I made that decision, because it allowed me to simply have fun watching the show as an audience member. And I had a whole lot of fun. The whole thing really looks like a pulp comic come to life on the stage.

Now having seen it all together, I’m amazed at all the exorbitant amount of work, Pete, Patrick, Steph and the cast and crew did for this little show (with seven vignettes altogether, the show runs only slightly over an hour). I’m trying to calculate the density of effects (I think it comes down to roughly one ghoulish stage effect every three-to-four minutes on average).

So seriously, guys. Congratulations.

A reminder that the theatre is very small and we’re doing a limited run (three weekends instead of our usual four), so you would do well getting your tickets in advance.

Wanting to cut up zombie limbs,

James "Model Citizen" Comtois

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