Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Final PULP Plug

Well, Since this is my penultimate blog entry for the week, this will be my final plug for The Blood Brothers Present: PULP, playing for three more nights (tonight, tomorrow and Saturday) at the 78th Street Theatre Lab. Tickets are selling quite well and we all have been really thrilled with how this show has turned out. This is a very fun anthology show for horror fans getting into the Halloween spirit, so if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you should do so very damn soon.

Seriously, folks. You won’t want to miss out.

Tomorrow’s entry will be reserved for plugging this, going up at the Vampire Cowboys Battle Ranch. But like I said, another plug for another day.

And hey! I just noticed this is my 400th post!

[insert fanfare here]

Feeling like a carnival barker,

James “Marketing Whore” Comtois


From Nosedive Productions…

The Blood Brothers Present: PULP

Best Served Cold by Mac Rogers
Directed by Pete Boisvert & Patrick Shearer

Dead Things Kill Nicely by Qui Nguyen
Directed by Pete Boisvert & Patrick Shearer

Listening To Reason by James Comtois
Directed by Matt Johnston

With additional material conceived by the Blood Brothers and directed by Stephanie Williams & Becky Comtois

Featuring Gyda Arber, Michael Criscuolo, Anna Kull, Marc Landers, Jessi Gotta and Brian Silliman

The 78th Street Theatre Lab
236 West 78th Street (near Broadway)
October 25-27, Thursday through Saturday, 8 p.m.

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