Friday, October 19, 2007

Swamped, But in a Good Way

Amidst running Blood Brothers I've been writing as fast as I can with the other remaining projects on my plate, having just finished my entry for Vampire Cowboys' upcoming REVAMPED show (this year's theme being "Sci-fi Fairy Tales"), entitled, Beowulf, Krygor 9 & the Unicorn, a piece of total ridiculousness that I hope people not only come to see but also enjoy the living hell out of.

I'm also simultaneously finishing writing Episode 3 of Pinkie (entitled, "We Never Sleep") and the rewrites to this year's version of A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol (the goal is to have these things finished by the end of next week).

And yes, I still need to do those damn revisions on Colorful World, our Spring 2008 show that is my "superhero" play based very, very loosely on Watchmen (though, not really). But that self-imposed deadline isn't until before Christmas.

After that? Well, Episodes 4 and 5 of Pinkie, then who the hell knows? Maybe I'll just write a few sub-literate emails or text messages of the "Hey, what R U wearing?" variety.

So, that's my series of lame excuses for not posting entries of substance for the past week or so.

Anyway, have a good weekend, folks. Hope to see some of you at Blood Brothers.

Still finding ways to slack off,

James "I Can Watch TV At Work!" Comtois

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