Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3800 Elizabeth: A Sitcom For the Stage

Although I'll be plugging the final Saturday Night Saloon event in these pages very soon, I'll pause for a moment to actually plug a show I'm not directly involved in (that I'm looking forward to) featuring some Nosedive alum that takes place the following day in the same venue.

Beginning this Sunday, February 3, The Welding Club presents 3800 Elizabeth, a "sitcom for the stage."

According to co-writer and director Aaron Baker, 3800 Elizabeth follows the absurd non-adventures of Germanophile bartender AJ, his hypochondriac ex-girlfriend Sonja and his recently-moved-to- the-big-city-from-a-slightly-smaller-city childhood friend Mike.

Each week, Mike will make impractical life decisions, Sonja will think about Jane Eyre, AJ will offer up witty rejoinders along with Gibsons and Old Fashioneds and quite possibly we'll all learn a valuable (or maybe not-so-valuable) lesson.

3800 Elizabeth

Written by Aaron Baker and Frank Padellaro
Produced and directed by Aaron Baker
Stage Managed by Berit Johnson

Featuring Michael Criscuolo, Peter Handy* and Iracel Rivero

3800 Elizabeth will feature six brand-new episodes and one rerun. Special guest stars include Gyda Arber, Fred Backus, Alexis Black*, Bryan Enk, Heath Kelts* and (as they say) More!

*member Actors' Equity Association - Equity Approved Showcase

Admission is free.

Sundays at 8 p.m. starting February 3 (until March 16)

The Battle Ranch
111 Conselyea Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Tired of reality television,

James “Screw You, Celebrity Apprentice!” Comtois

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