Monday, January 07, 2008

Onward and Upward

The penultimate Saturday Night Saloon has come and gone with more than a little fanfare, which means I have this week and next to write the final episode of Pinkie, so it can be ready to be staged on Saturday, February 2.

I have to say, this last installment was an absolute blast. We received some good energy from a large house, and had a whole lot of fun performing in this episode (though, I'm being a tad presumptuous here: the rest of the cast seemed to be enjoying themselves Saturday night and said at the bar afterwards that they had fun, so, heh, I’m taking their high-energy performances and post-show statements at face value and assuming they weren’t phoning it in or lying to me).

I seriously can't wait for the final Saloon (not only to perform episode five of Pinkie, but to see how all the other shows end).

The folks at Nosedive Central will be meeting this week to go over the nuts 'n' bolts of our 2008 season. We know Colorful World will be the centerpiece: the main full-length play we plan to stage sometime in the spring. But there are still some other pieces of business (i.e., possibly remounting The Adventures of Nervous-Boy in the summer and/or staging a new Blood Brothers anthology show in October) that we have to take care of.

As soon as we have a firm grasp on what we're doing and when this year, I’ll let you folks know.

Okay, back to writing episode five of Pinkie and rewriting Colorful World.

The laziest go-getter in town,

James "Slap Happy" Comtois

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