Monday, July 28, 2008

As You Like it

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Boomerang's production of As You Like It for being nytheatre'com's Pick of the Week!

Thanks to the cast, which features many Nosedive vets and alum (Jessi Gotta, Kid Sis Comtois, Michael Criscuolo, Scott Williams) and direction by Matt Johnston (of PULP fame), this is a truly fine and fun production of Shakespeare's "chick dresses up as a dude" comedy, not to mention the fastest two hours of theatre I've ever experienced (no small feat with a Shakespearean play).

Obviously, since I'm so connected to many of the people involved in this production (hell, my sister's in it, fer God's sake), I really couldn't/can't write a formal review. (Jessi, for example, is becoming very much like Patrick for me where I could watch either of them read the phone book and be captivated. She's amazing in this, and Mark DeFrancis is spot on in his review when he writes: "She is a performer to watch out for.") But still, I feel compelled to plug and comment on it, since, frankly, it is so damn good.

It's very fun. It made me laugh out loud many times. It's playing for two more weekends up in Central Park (near West 69th Street). It's free. Go see it.

For pictures click here.

Liking it just fine,

James "Drag Queen" Comtois

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