Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oldie (But Goodie) Article on King in

This is an old but still excellent article by Andrew O'Heir from about Stephen King.

In it, Mr. O'Heir not only explains that Mr. King "one of the most important writers of our age," but also offers a good primer reading list for folks unfamiliar with Mr. King's work. (As a parenthetical, The Stand is not on the list, but Mr. O'Heir makes a decent argument for why it isn't. It, one of my favorite books of all-time, however, is.)

Mr. O'Heir writes:

"King's great talent is to keep you reading. His books will suck you out of your regular life and dangle you over the darkest unexplored abysses of your mind, while your flesh crawls around your skeleton as if trying to escape; they're nobody's idea of glittering literary style.

Read the whole thing here.

Irritating the literati,

James "Book Rash" Comtois

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Anonymous ian mackenzie said...

That's a good article on King.


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