Monday, October 06, 2008

Buy Your Tickets for The Blood Brothers Present Now

In just three days, Nosedive will be unveiling The Blood Brothers Present...The Master of Horror,its collection of new horror plays based on the short stories of Stephen King. This is gonna be a whole hell of a lot of fun.

Two things I can't stress enough:

1. Buy your tickets as soon as you can.

2. The shows are at 7:30. So if you show up at 8, you'll miss my piece ("Nona").

And one more thing I'd like to add (but not really "stress"):

Following the debut performance on Thursday, October 9, we'll all be going to Dempsey's Pub on 61 Second Avenue (between East 3rd & 4th streets) for a post-opening night party, where they're offering attendees of the show a pretty sweet deal: for $18, we get an open bar on all domestic drinks, wine and house cocktails for two hours. It would rock the werewolf's ass (to paraphrase the late great Wesley Willis) if you could join us.

Yeah, I really can't wait to get this thing off the ground.

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