Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Not Wearing Pants...Film At Eleven

I just finished writing Episode Four of Speed Demons for the Saturday Night Saloon and have about four or five scripts (most of them short, one of them long) I need to finish before the end of November, including the spring play for Nosedive. I totally had one of those Peter Griffin moments before we opened Blood Brothers, with my internal monologue (sounding, of course, like one of the worst cartoon fathers in cartoon history) going something along the lines of: "Well, okay, okay. Got the show opening. Need to send out the press packets and ask Pete to print up the programs forrooOHMYGOD I HAVEN'T WRITTEN THE SPRING PLAY!"

While most of the folks at Nosedive Central get to unwind (fall and winter), that's when my "busy season" kicks into gear.

So just because I'm not writing substantial posts on the state of theatre doesn't mean I don't have stuff going on.

Actually, that's been pretty much been the dilemma nowadays with this blog. Well, I really wouldn't call it a dilemma. I know some bloggers take issue with certain theatre blogs being simply advertisements for their administrators' work. I don't particularly give a shit. There are several blogs out there that offer insight to the mechanics of the theatre industry; Jamespeak isn't really one of them (or at least, isn't really one anymore). But then again, I'm sure people don't read this page for my thoughts on Actor's Equity or the New York Times' theatre coverage anymore.

People come to read my entries on their favorite horror movies. For that, I have little to no excuse, aside from business and hating what I had originally written and having to start from scratch. Even though November's approaching, I hope to post about three or four new entries on horror films.

In the meantime, buy your damn tickets already .

Never learning,

James "Nolearner" Comtois



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