Monday, October 27, 2008

Just Three More Shows

Our final weekend is approaching. What are you waiting for? Buy your damn tickets already.

It is interesting to look back on the disastrous opening night and my severe depression regarding it as some sort of vague and distant memory; almost as if it happened to some other group of people other than us. The show has been playing like gangbusters ever since. We here at Nosedive Central are having a great deal of fun with it, and are almost surprised the run is almost up. (Has it already been a month? Damn.)

There was even some interest expressed by a play publishing company about publishing the scripts, but not surprisingly, we couldn't get publishing rights (which is fine by me; I went into this knowing King's estate was giving us a "One Shot Deal" with this production - we didn't create this show for publishing, extensions or getting "picked up" in mind - and his people have been very helpful, accommodating and reasonable throughout this process).

Still, it was (is) quite flattering to receive some genuine interest in the show from people outside our immediate mailing list.

So kick off your Halloween right by checking out The Blood Brothers Present...The Master of Horror. It's an early enough show (it starts at 7:30 and is only 90 minutes long), so you have plenty of time to trot on over to whatever Halloween shindig you have lined up for Friday night afterwards.

Your guide to creepy,

James "Handsy" Comtois

#1: Marc Landers
#2: Ben Trawick-Smith (left), Michael Criscuolo, Marsha Martinez
#3: Jessi Gotta
All Photos © Aaron Epstein

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