Monday, November 03, 2008

People Are Strange

Well, since I have a window of downtime right now, why not? Mr. Joshua James tagged me with a meme entitled, "Seven Strange Things," in which I'm required to list, well, seven strange things about myself. (I know, I know, say it with me: "Only seven?" Yeah, yeah, keep it down.)

Well, here's goes.

1. I lost my virginity in a graveyard.
That's right. Deal with it. Her parents were home, so were mine. We were only 16, so we didn't have enough disposable income or valid credit cards to rent a hotel room. Shut it. Just...shut it.

2. I like to microwave my drinking water.
Hey, I don't like drinking ice cold water. I like having cool and lukewarm pockets of temperature in my water. What?

3. For about a month, I would drift asleep to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
That's right, ladies. Mr. Comtois is single. Form an orderly queue.

4. I've been in two - count 'em, two - emergency plane landings in under a year.
Not exactly something strange about me so much as a strange thing I've had to deal with. I may call it a day with air travel.

5. My first job in the city was as an editorial assistant for a magazine called Home Textiles Today.
Yes, I wrote and proofread articles about bath mats and shower curtains. I was there for a year and a half. No cutting the queue, ladies!

6. I once almost hit Stephen King with my bike when I was 11.
Yup. They were filming Pet Sematary on the road where I spend my summers in Maine. So, my cousins and I would often ride our bikes up to the site to watch them film. Just before the set, there's this steep incline where you can't see the road until you pass it. Well, I passed it, and oh, crap! Swerved out of the way of this tall bespectacled guy and this blonde woman. They didn't seem to notice. When my cousin and I joined the spectators one of them said that Mr. King was on the set. Oh yeah, I asked. Where is he? They looked around and pointed. Bah, crap. But again, I don't think he noticed me.

7. I almost set fire to our house in Hooksett, New Hampshire, by putting a paint brush in the toaster.
Not so much strange as just retarded, but yes. I believe I was six or seven, so just old enough to know better. Sigh...

Okay, so now that you know far more about me than I could possibly be comfortable with, it's time for me to hide and tag others. So, who to tag, who to tag? Pete, Becky, Qui, Mac, and Steph. Do it up, fuck-knuckles!

Not comfortable sharing,

James "Flasher" Comtois

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