Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eye in the Sky is coming...

Eye in the Sky is a specially commissioned experimental epistolary radio drama. Audacity Theatre Lab's Brad McEntire and Ruth Engel hand-selected writers from around the counrty. Each writer was to use the blurb below as a springboard for a 1-3 page contribution:

"For one week in the middle of the summer a giant eye appears in the sky over the city. At the end of seven days it disappears as suddenly as it had originally materialized..."

This contribution could take the form of...well...anything. Nearly anything. We are doing the project as a radio drama, so spoken or sound related texts were encouraged. We were open to scenes, monologues, letters, news broadcasts, newpaper clippings, diary entries, e-mail correspondence, lecture notes, etc.

These pieces will be put together to form a series of impressions and reactions to The Eye In The Sky.

A public reading by professional actors, supported by several rehearsals with an ATL director, will probably be held in early Spring 2009 here in Dallas. The pieces will also be recorded and the resulting recording will be placed as a podcast on the ATL website.

Some of the contributors include:

Chris Alonzo - Vicki Cheatwood - James Comtois - Erin Courtney - Andy Eninger - John Flores - Jeff Hernandez - Chris Humphrey - Mark Rigney - Greg Romero - Ben Walker Sampson - Crystal Skillman - Jeff Swearingen - Daniel Talbott - Jason Tremblay - Ken Urban - Gary Winter

Sick of being watched,

James "Exhibitionist" Comtois

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Thank you! I'm curious to hear the other pieces (and wince at my own,
of course)...

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