Monday, December 08, 2008

Filling Up

This weekend's Saturday Night Saloon was a great deal of fun. Patrick brought some nice creepiness to this episode of Speed Demons, and we’re hoping to get the video posted online as soon as possible (I believe I ended up careening into Marc, who taped the performance, so I’m really looking forward to seeing that segment). It was also nice having Nick Micozzi, Christian Toth and Scott Williams on board for Episode 4. And hot car for Mephisto, Steph!

It's really looking as though my social calendar is filling way the hell up for the remainder of my time in the city before returning to New Hampshire for the holidays. I recently RSVP’ed in the affirmative for a show (Penny Dreadful, for those that are interested) and instantly got two panicked emails from people who saw my reply making sure I hadn't forgotten about their events (I hadn't).

Though tonight looks to be an evening of watching trashy television at my sister’s apartment (no doubt some VH1 reality television...that's right; I'll admit it), the next two weeks involve me attending birthday parties, burlesque shows, fundraising events, band performances and plays (though not too many holiday parties, oddly enough).

I'm hoping to give updates and shout-outs on the aforementioned events as they approach.

Boobies in the face,

James "Pig in Shit" Comtois

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