Thursday, December 04, 2008

Previewing Toninght: The Granduncle Quadrilogy

Piper McKenzie Productions


The Granduncle Quadrilogy
Tales from the Land of Ice

Written by Jeff Lewonczyk, Directed by Hope Cartelli

Fred Backus, Ivanna Cullinan,* Jessi Gotta, Richard Harrington, Gavin Starr Kendall, Melissa Roth

*Courtesy Actor's Equity Association

A frozen northern country. Mammoths and walruses. The legendary death of a saintly child. A twisted winter celebration.

The Granduncle Quadrilogy is a holiday special for a made-up holiday.

Listen to Granduncle, ancient storyteller and veteran of an endless war, as he and his fellow citizens mix folktales, fictional ethnology, and war stories to conjure a mordant yet moving portrait of an imaginary icebound world that curiously mirrors our own.

The Preview and all Friday and Saturday performances will feature Granduncle-specific treats and drinks for sale from the "renegade bake sale."


PREVIEW: Thu 12/4, 8 p.m. - $10

PERFORMANCES: Fri 12/5 through Sat 12/20
Thu-Sat, 8 p.m. - $18

NEW: Matinee Sat 12/13, 2 p.m. - $18

At the Brick Theatre on 575 Metropolitan Avenue at Lorimer St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For tickets go here.

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