Friday, January 09, 2009

Opening Tonight: Stolen Chair's Theatre is Dead and So Are You

Stolen Chair wakes the dead in Kiran Rikhye’s latest, Theatre is Dead and So Are You. A motley crew of variety show hacks are laying their MC to rest, performing his funeral live, traveling from city to city, until such time as his body is too decomposed to make the proceedings pleasant.

Their "eulogies" are performed à la classic variety, with slapstick, melodrama, song & dance, and feats of illusion and mentalism, each taking its own deadly turn as they celebrate the life and death of their dearly departed dead dead dead friend.

Even in their joyous performance, a spectre looms as each knows they've all been exposed to the fatal disease that killed their MC: Life.

Watch these seasoned has-beens kill theatre, live before your very eyes.

The run begins tonight and goes until January 31 at the Connelly Theater on 220 East 4th Street (between avenues A & B) in New York. Get your tickets here.

Slapping his stick,

James "Inappropriate Funeral Guest" Comtois

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