Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Quiet Before the Storm

We here at Nosedive Central are currently awaiting the specific dates that Infectious Opportunity will play at the Brick's Antidepressant Festival, which should arrive in the next week or two. Once we get those, we can begin casting and start rehearsals in late April/early May.

As it stands now, the script runs about an hour and thirty-five minutes. I'm hoping to trim it down by about 10 minutes or so. Fortunately, since my characters tend to ramble, I suspect cutting things down won't be too big a challenge.

In the meantime, my "Writing To-Do" list seems to keep getting longer and longer. This isn't a complaint, mind you. I'm just hoping I can tackle it all in time. As always, we shall see.

Cherry-picking his priorities,

James "Turd Miner" Comtois

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Blogger Goose said...

Wow, I just made my personal to-do list. On my blog. ;) Need to do that Nosedive one too. Taking advantage of the quiet and storm thing.

4:01 PM  

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