Monday, March 30, 2009

Writin' All Damn Weekend

With the exception of seeing the very fun and satisfying final chapter of Penny Dreadful at the Brick Theater on Sunday afternoon and watching the atrocious-but-hilarious Wicker Man remake with the folks at Nosedive Central on Friday night, I spent the bulk of this past weekend working on finishing and polishing the rough draft of Anton Craven's Ghastly Scheme and working on my entry for this with Flux.

Seth from Gods of Fire gave me some very helpful feedback on the pages of Anton Craven that I sent him on Friday. Fortunately, we both appear to very much be on the same page with this project. I gotta say, even though this is the first musical I've ever worked on (which means I'm way, way, WAY out of my comfort zone), I'm having a blast with this. Let's hope the band members like the improved version when I send it out.

With a little bit of luck, I can finish both projects this week. Well, luck doesn't factor into the Flux project: I need to send them my script by Wednesday. It shall be done. It shall be done.

Listening to the Darkness and Dragonforce while writing,

James "That Asshole Sporting a Vest Without a Shirt" Comtois



Blogger Crystal said...

Sending all good vibes for finishing the Flux play! You can do it! :) So excited to be in the series with you - it's gonna be a blast.

4:58 PM  

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