Thursday, May 21, 2009

Actors Harken

I've started engaging in a delightful correspondence with Jamie DesRocher, who's slated to direct Gorilla Tango Theatre's production of The Adventures of Nervous-Boy in Chicago this summer. She’s amidst scheduling auditionations for the show (Yeah, that's right. I wrote "auditionations." What? It's a word. Look it up.), and recently posted this must-read for how not to email for an audition appointment.

Seriously, actors and actresses, don’t ever write, "Hark!" in an email asking to schedule an appointment to audition for a show. Also, "Boner-Jams" is way out. Okay, so that note’s really for myself when I’m submitting my scripts to theatre companies.

Any ole' fuckeroo, I’m really looking forward to heading over to Chicago this summer to check out the production. It’s been nearly 10 years since I was last in Chi-town, and I think this is a pretty damn good excuse for a return trip.

Well, okay, this and the pizza. Seriously, New York, we’re supposed to be the city that has everything. Why have we not mastered the Chicago-style pizza?

Always writing inappropriate notes to casting agents,

James "Not Really Even An Actor" Comtois

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