Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And Now We're Back

Had an absolute blast chatting with Mr. Freeman on Friday for nytheatrecast about Infectious Opportunity, HBO series, heist films, and whether I prefer being called Jim, Jimmy, or James. It should be posted shortly before we open, so I'll send out the link as soon as that happens. Whether or not it'll be interesting to listeners remains to be seen, but I for one had a whole lot of fun recording it.

Well, folks, I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. I know I did. I’m glad to have enjoyed a nice blend of doing absolutely nothing (clocking in a good 12 hours of sleeping time on the couch in front of the TV, which doesn’t include actual sleep time in the bed) and enjoying some fine outings, including seeing three movies (Star Trek again, which is just as fun the second time ‘round, Terminator Salvation, which evaporates from your mind the minute you leave the theatre, and The Girlfriend Experience, which was interesting on a cold, clinical level but holds you at arm’s length in the same way his series K Street did) and attending one barbeque (thanks, Aaron and Gyda!).

All in all, pretty Memorial Day Weekendy.

Tonight I'll be seeing the first stumble-through rehearsal for Infectious Opportunity and will be offering you my report tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it.

Nagging you and wondering where you’ve been all night,

James "Boyfriend Experience" Comtois



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