Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Breeding Superheroes

In addition to plugging our own stuff, like Infectious Opportunity (see? We did it again!), we here at Nosedive Central are also happy to shill on behalf of other companies for their products.

If you get the chance and have already bought your tickets for Infectious, you may also want to check these out:

Beginning Wednesday, May 20th and running through Saturday, June 6th at the Robert Moss Theater, 440 Lafayette Street, 3rd floor, just south of Astor Place in Manhattan, Breedingground Productions presents its biannual Spring Fever Festival.

This year's featured artists include Jaclyn Backhaus, Derya Derman, Tamara Erde, Billy Fox, Alvert Hwang, Eli James, David McGee, Patty Montesi, Morgan Murphe, and Tomi Tsunoda, whose projects will showcase the talents of more than 75 collaborating artists.

Spring Fever Festival is produced every two years by Breedingground Productions, and categories include Performance, Installation, Projection and Groundwork: works in progress.

Tickets are $12 through Memorial Day weekend, then $15 for the rest of the run, with play readings for $5 on Saturday afternoons. Box office opens at 6:30 p.m. For performance schedule and online ticket sales, check out the Breedingground Web site.

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Also, running around the same time as Infectious, Nosedive vet Matt Johnston directs Superhero Celebrity Rehab: The Musical, a, well, musical about, you guessed it, superheroes checking into rehab for various addictions. It should be fun and funny.

It's playing at the Access Theatre on 380 Broadway (4th Floor) from June 5-7 in a very limited run. Tickets are $10. Beat that.

Addicted to uppers, uppers and awayers,

James "Fuck You, It's The best Pun I Could Think Of" Comtois

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Blogger MattJ said...

I mean hey, what's Snakes On A Plane about?? That's right, SNAKES ON A MOTHAFUCKIN PLANE bitches!!!!

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