Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plundering Freeman's Blog For Infectious Opportunity Content

What Mr. Freeman said about Glee Club goes for Infectious Opportunity: our show, too, opens June 7th. We have a large cast and very few performances, so I'd suggest getting your tickets well in advance. You can get them here.

You should also get tickets to see Glee Club as well. Odd little fun-fact, not only are both of our shows part of the Brick Theater's Antidepressant Festival, but they both share a cast member: Mr. Matthew Trumbull.

Speaking of Mr. Freeman, he and I will be nattering at length in an upcoming podcast for nytheatrecast. I think rather than a traditional Q&A, it will be more like the one he recently did with Adam Szymkowicz. Hopefully, our chat will be as interesting as theirs. As always, we shall see. I’ll keep you posted.

Freeman's pilot fish,

James "I Prefer Captain Fish, Actually" Comtois

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