Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Half of Infectious Down

Well, our first two performances for Infectious Opportunity are over and done with and we're off for three weeks before we reopen on July 1. We’ve had an absolutely amazing response from people to this show, and I’m so glad to be showing this to folks. The cast is doing a stellar job, and I’m definitely hoping we can restage this again in the not-too-distant future.

I've been pleasantly surprised that many audience members seem to really identify with the main character of Wes. For a while, although I wanted and hoped people would relate to Wes and the show to some degree, I was expecting that audience members would find Wes's actions far too batshit crazy to be seen as universal. Although I think we can all relate to lying to gain things from other people, or doing stupid and self-destructive things, or breaking someone’s heart, or wanting to be loved and revered, I originally thought that the means and context in which Wes does these things would make him one step removed from being Joe Everyman.

Apparently that's not necessarily the case.

I think it helps that Pete directed and David is playing the role in a very realistic and down-to-earth way. But it’s definitely interesting to hear a number of people saying afterwards that they could see themselves getting caught up in Wes's situation in the same way.

I think that’s pretty cool. And I'm excited to see how other people respond to the show in the latter half of the run.

Until that happens, I think I’ll be checking out as many shows by my Antidepressant Festival brothers and sisters as I can, and you should, too.

So, thanks to everyone who's come out so far to see Infectious, and I hope to see the rest of you in the beginning of July!


James "Brick Shithouse" Comtois

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Blogger sean said...

Here's the thing that is so fantastic, and although it is partly in David's wonderful performance, it really is in the writing.

The big lie? That's just not that big a deal. You lie about having AIDS, I get that that is awful and everything, but it's one of those lies that people just sorta tell. You screw up something at your day job, and you claim your mom OD'ed or something, that's awful, but sorta just so huge that it hardly fits into this world.

But all the *small* lies were the ones that made my skin crawl, because *that's* what we identify with. That lie at work becomes why you don't do anything for a month, or you find yourself yelling at someone who wants to go out for drinks... I mean, that was mind blowing. *That's* what shows us the worst parts of ourselves.

Everyone takes advantage of misfortune to a certain extent, but the ugliness of inventing misfortune and then taking advantage of it... Jesus. It was masterful.

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