Friday, June 12, 2009

More Showgoing

There are actually a large number of shows I’m hoping to catch in the next week or so. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to all of them, as I’m now pretty much all booked up.

I’m continuing to see the shows at the Antidepressant Festival, catching both Movement Pants Dance’s WILM 690: Pirate Radio and Five Eduardinos’ How to Fight Depression (When You Don’t Even Know its Symptoms last night. Tonight, I’m hoping (emphasis on the word hoping) to catch both Everywhere Theatre Group’s Big Girls Club and Blue Coyote’s Glee Club, by Mr. Matthew Freeman and featuring Infectious Opportunity cast member Matthew Trumbull.

It also looks as though I've now been officially signed up to check out the Sunday performance of Suspicious Package: Rx, which I'm very excited for.

And of course, I need to figure out when I’m going to see my friend Damian Wampler’s Twin Towers, which opens tonight. Have a great opening, Damian!

And all of you have a good weekend.

No time to watch Horny Trannies VIII,

James "Arts Hiatus" Comtois

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