Thursday, July 09, 2009

Atheist Remount

Dan Trujillo's excellent play, The Honest-To-God True Story of the Atheist, directed by Isaac Butler, is being remounted for this summer's Capital Fringe Festival in DC.

I saw the production of the show at UNDER St. Mark's last year and wrote about it here:

"Is The Honest-to-God True Story of the Atheist a deconstructionist take on faith and one's submission to the will of God, an examination on our culture's sick obsession with pharmaceuticals, or the longest dick joke in theatrical history? Whatever it is, Dan Trujillo is playing a very crafty shell game with his newest play, The Honest-to-God True Story of the Atheist. It's kind of brilliant."

Although Dan has said that there have been some minor revisions made to the script, it's more or less the same show (with the same director and cast, which includes Abe Goldfarb, Infectious Opportunity's own Daryl Lathon and Jennifer Gordon Thomas).

I'm looking forward to revisiting this show again at their open dress before they take it to our nation's capital. If you're in, or are going to be in, the metro DC area this month, get your tickets here.

Gettin' a boner,

James "Horny for Theatre" Comtois

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