Monday, August 24, 2009

Huzzah! (Sort Of.)

Well, yes. I've actually started writing Nosedive's 2010 mainstage show. Spent the bulk of the weekend working on it, in fact.

I had about three or four vague ideas in embryonic form, but I wanted to put one of them on hold for the time being for various (uninteresting) reasons. But of course, that idea I decided to put on hold is the one I kept having ideas for specific scenes for. Go figure.

We'll see if my reasons for originally wanting to temporarily shelf it (which, again, I won't yet divulge) won't end up making this a bad decision later on down the road (read: production next year). In fact, I suspect once we get into preproduction on this, there will be a great number of blog entries addressing my concerns.

Will it be any good? Who the hell knows? I won't can't worry about that for now. We shall see. As always, we shall see.

Anyway, the working title is The Little One, and the two lead roles will be for women. And that's about as much as I'm ready to divulge on it right now.

Already having said too much,

James "Cryptic Chatty Kathy" Comtois

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