Sunday, August 09, 2009

My Trip So Far

I had a grand time hanging with Mr. Bob Fisher (pictured with me below) and Mr. Don Hall (not pictured) on my first night in town.

Photo by Don.

I'm hoping to write up some coherent thoughts about Mr. Fisher's play, Put My Finger in Your Mouth, soon.

Yesterday was spent wandering around downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan and hearing a cacophony of noise that was Lollapalooza. This afternoon I'll be seeing this.

And I will say, Good Lord: in terms of audience, talent pool, real estate and price, Chicago really seems to be the land of milk and fucking honey for DIY indie theatre. If only I wasn't so addicted to my spoiled and hedonistic New York lifestyle...

Aside from the one of Bob and me, the rest of the shitty photos are taken by me from my phone.

Finally having that deep dish
pizza after a nine year hiatus,

James "Tastes Like Freakin Pizza, People" Comtois

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