Thursday, August 06, 2009

Playgoing in Chicago

Well, my lovely little fucknuts. In about 24 hours I'm off on a plane headed to Chicago, where I'll be for the weekend and the first chunk of next week. It looks as though the hotel I'm staying in has free wi-fi (oooh, that sounds tasty), which means I could very well be posting updates on my trip and my assessments of the show-going.

And thanks to Mr. Devilvet, I'll not only be seeing Gorilla Tango Theatre's production of The Adventures of Nervous-Boy, but his show, Put My Finger in Your Mouth, on Friday night. I'm pumped for both.

And it'll be very nice to finally meet both of you, Mr. Vet and Miss Moxie.
Until then, I just gotta finish up my day at work. Almost there, almost there.

Vacationing just too damn much,

James "Fuck Off, It's My Summer Vacation" Comtois

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