Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Incredibly Biased Fall Preview

With September now upon us and the weather starting to get a little more brisk, it appears as though fall is quickly approaching. So, with the Fringe wrapped up (not counting the Encore Series), I guess now's the time to offer my incredibly biased fall preview, pointing out some upcoming shows (many by homies) that appear to be worth your time and attention:

Effie Jean in Tahiti. Blue Coyote Theater Group is presenting a show you should bring the kids to. Seriously. David Johnston and Stephen Speights have created a musical about a princess, an old man of the sea, an island, and a plot for freedom. Gary Shrader directs. Opens September 3 at the Access Theater on 380 Broadway. Tickets can be bought here.

MilkMilkLemonade. Isaac Butler directs Joshua Conkel's new play about gay children, a parasitic twin, an antagonistic grandmother, a depressed chicken and our growing bodies. Unlike Effie Jean, though deliberately designed to appear like a children's show, for the love of God, do not bring the kids. Opens September 10 at Under St. Marks on 94 St. Marks Place. Tickets can be bought here.

The Brokenhearteds. Nosedive co-anchor Pete Boisvert directs Vampire Cowboys vet Temar Underwood's debut play concerning an author of a daily political blog, a presidential aide with volatile insider information, and a complicated love triangle. The political thriller features several regulars from the Cowboys' shows, including Underwood, Jon Hoche, Paco Tolson, Cowboys regular/Infectious Opportunity alum Andrea Marie Smith and Mike Mihm. Preview performance is on September 10, officially opening on September 11 at The Wings Theatre on 154 Christopher Street. Tickets can be bought here.

One Minute Play Festival. Shstrng Prodctns presents the third annual One Minute Play Festival, which features works from several playwrights (including Matthew Freeman, Mac Rogers, Jeff Lewonczyk, Crystal Skillman, Adam Szymkowicz, August Schulenburg and Yours Truly [hey, I told you this shit was biased]) proving brevity = wit. Opens September 12 at HERE Arts Center on 145 Sixth Ave. Tickets can be bought here.

The Lesser Seductions of History. Heather Cohn directs Flux Theatre Ensemble artistic director August Schulenburg's new play written specifically for the actors of the Ensemble, which follows 10 characters through each year of the 1960's. Waitaminute, guys. Are we gonna [ulp] learn something with this new show? Ah, I'm just joshin. I'm really looking forward to this, especially since I'll forever be trying to make up for egregiously missing Riding the Bull. Opens November 6 at the Cherry Pit on 155 Bank Street. Tickets on sale soon.

So there you have it. Those are a few shows coming up to usher in the cooler weather and shorter days. If you've got a show that's coming up this fall that you're proud of (and annoyed with me for not plugging), absolutely feel free to plug them in the comments section below.

Looking forward,

James "Plugging Machine" Comtois

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