Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IT Awards, Casting, Readings

Sorry again that you had to witness yesterday's unpleasantness, dear readers. I know most of you turn to this site for top-shelf tomfoolery, derivative dick- and fart-based humor, and the best examples of shameless self-promotion, so Monday's post may have come as something of a surprise. However, as I'm sure most of you know, it was something that needed to be done.

At any rate, as Nathan Rabin once famously wrote, enough foolishness. Onto more foolishness.

I realize the timing for my crankiness is odd, considering there's much for me to blather about, including the 5th Annual New York Innovative Theatre Awards, the impending reading of The Little One with the crew at Nosedive Central, the finalized cast and crew for the impending Blood Brothers show and my assessment of MilkMilkLemonade.

Plus, let's not forget the dick- and fart-based humor.

You'd think I didn't have time to spare. Well, you're right: I don't. So on with the show.

I accompanied Miss Johnna Adams to the NYIT Awards last night, and want to extend my congratulations to everyone who won and all the nominees. I was obviously bummed that many of my Angel Eaters and Universal Robots peeps did not win, but considering (I'm almost embarrassed to admit) I hadn't seen many of the shows that many of the night's winners worked on (with the exception of The Reckoning of Kit and Little Boots, which made my Top 10 list last year), I am in no position to cry foul (not that I would).

After the festivities, Matt Freeman pointed something out to me I found interesting. "Even though we knew a lot of the nominees, and are part of this community, the fact that we didn't know a lot of the winners shows how much of a bubble we're still in."

This is very true. I definitely feel pretty integrated in the New York indie theatre scene, and there were a great many number of people I saw in the sold out New World Stages theatre (where the event was held), but there's still a great deal of work happening in the scene that I'm quite ignorant of.

Hey. New York's a big town. There's a whole lotta theatre going on.

Plus, I'm getting to know more folks on the scene each year. For example, I had a lovely time talking with Derek Ahonen at the post-awards show party, writer and director of The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side, easily one of the best plays I saw this year. And his company, The Amoralists, is a company that wasn't on my radar a year ago, but now very much is.

So again, congratulations, everybody. The evening was fun.

Tomorrow I'll be announcing the cast for The Blood Brothers Present...The New Guignol, Nosedive Central's fourth annual horror anthology show. And with a little luck, on Thursday, my write-up of MilkMillkLemonade should be posted.

Walking into a bar with a rabbi and a fart,

James "Schmutzic Scribe" Comtois

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