Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Check Out Buck-Buck's Shout-Out

This is also happening this weekend, which many of us in Blood Brothers and Nosedive Central are a part of. Kid Sister Comtois has directed a short piece I've written (featuring Stephanie Cox-Williams, Marc Landers, Brian Silliman, Sistois herself and Daryl Lathon), Patrick's written & directed a piece that Abe Goldfarb & Madame Renee Rosebud is in, Danny Bowes has a piece featured, and Blood Brothers actress Becky Byers is in one of the shorts.

In short, Nosedive's hijacked Bryan Enk's evening of slasher films.

And speaking of the two Becky's, Daryl just sent this along, plugging the evening but really highlighting their entries.

Well, Kid Sistois, I guess you're an important woman in horror. Woo-hoo!

An unimportant man in horror,

James "More of a Rom-Com Guy" Comtois

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