Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dancin' Til Dawn

Since beginning my rambling thoughts on criticism and reviews earlier this week here at Jimmy's Dicks Aplenty Dance Party, Isaac Butler and Sean Williams have posted their thoughts on the subject and come up with some very keen insights (that have developed some very interesting dialogues). Check them out and weigh in.

Reading these entries by these two astute fellows has (I think) strengthened my resolve to write about shows I feel strongly about, particularly about the shows I strongly dislike. Not just to be a dick, but, well, I think Sean says it best:

In the end, we're starting to lose the need for disinterested reviewers. What we really need is a community of bloggers who are willing to discuss the merits of one another's work openly and honestly. In my last post, I tried to explain my point of view, and, although my explanation almost guarantees that my posts will be taken with a grain of salt... we should *ALL* be taken with a grain of salt.

We should publish our thoughts about ALL of the shows we see, and let people figure out if they like it or not. And we gotta get over ourselves.

Egg. Zact. Lee.

I'm hoping to post two or three more horror film entries this month, which all depends on my schedule. Since I typically like to re-watch the film I'm writing about just before I begin writing, but since the folks here at Nosedive Central are going into tech this weekend for The Blood Brothers Present...The New Guignol, that may prevent my movie watching abilities (especially since, now that I posted this, they'll know I'm not in the theatre helping out because I'm at home watching awesome horror movies instead. I can imagine Pete coming up to be afterwards with that all-too-familiar nuts-punching look in his eyes).

"You did NOT just blow us off to watch Prom Night for the 40th time..."

(This habit of re-watching the movie in question isn't a strict rule, it's more of a guideline, especially since most of the movies I've written about I've already seen countless times.)

So that's the proverbial plan for this site for the end of the month.

Oh, that and reminding you ad nauseum to buy your damn tickets already.

On with the show,

James "Jazz Hands" Comtois

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