Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Horrorshow

Well, gang. We've only got two performances left for The Blood Brothers Present...The New Guignol. Well, technically, one performance left for you to see, since tonight's show is about a ticket or two away from being sold out (if you still want to come see it tonight, we'll most likely find a way to get you in). Still, it is odd to think that even though we've just started the run, this show is already about to head up into that Great Production in the Sky.

Last night's show went really well, in my completely biased opinion. Apparently one of the pieces in the evening made a couple people in the audience cry.

Fortunately, they had these shoulders to cry on.

However, for closing night, as in, tomorrow, as in, Halloween, we'll be having our post-show party at the Brick Theater following the final performance.

And for those of you who've yet to make plans for Halloween (that is to say, if you're like me, the holidays are things that seem to spring up on you like an ambush even though you've had, well, your entire life to figure out how a calendar works), there's no additional cover charge for the post-show Halloween party, and no charge for the libations or refreshments.

Join us?

Bobbing for brains,

James "Headcheeseball" Comtois

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