Friday, October 30, 2009 Reviews The Blood Brothers Present...The New Guignol

Wow! just posted Will Fulton's review for The Blood Brothers Present...The New Guignol.

It's nice to get a review for a show with such a short run. It's even nicer that the review is posted before closing. It's even nicer still that said timely review says many nice things about the show.

Such as:

"...revealing the inexplicable and unpredictable darkness that seethes beneath the surface of human nature and can rear its ugly head at any time and in any person. The form and spirit of the evening is an admirable tribute to the Grand Guignol's peculiar moment in theatrical effective reminder that every day we are precariously poised on the edge of chaos."

Read the whole thing here.

Have a good weekend and a happy Halloween, no matter what you decide to do. (Though, seriously, you should do this tomorrow. I mean, c'mon.)

No pressure,

James "Needy Girlfriend" Comtois

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