Monday, November 02, 2009


After a short four-performance run, The Blood Brothers Present...The New Guignol has gone up into the Great Production in the Sky. I was (am) really proud of both this show and everyone who worked on it. The cast & crew really brought their A-games to this and stepped out of their comfort zones (and plus, were overall very fun to be around each night), and I eagerly await playing with everyone involved again in the near future.

This may have been one the most balls-out fun I've had working on and seeing a Nosedive show. I ended up getting downright schoolgirl giddy each night when we opened the house and had people filing in. I'm a little sad to see it go.

Many, many thanks and much love to everyone who worked on this and came to see the show. This was an absolute blast.

As sad as I am that we're closed, I am looking forward to using some newly-acquired free time to lay low, see a couple plays here and there, work on rewrites for The Little One, and simply enjoy some leisure time before starting rehearsals for the latest episode of Entrenched for the next Saturday Night Saloon.

I also just wanted to offer a note of congratulations to Brian Enk, Matt Gray, and everyone involved in the Sinister Six Must Be Destroyed film series, which I attended Sunday evening and thoroughly enjoyed.

All in all, it was a really satisfying Halloween weekend for me. This may be one of those highs I'll try to ride (and milk) for a couple of weeks.

Doing what he can to stave
off post-show depression,

James "Bloodstuffed" Comtois

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