Monday, November 30, 2009

What the Rest of 2009 is Looking Like For Yours Truly

Well, folks. I hope you all had a lovely and plentiful Thanksgiving, as I did up in New Hampshire. I'm currently writing this on Sunday night while still in that great Granite State I was raised in and am planning on traveling back via train to my fair city on Monday. Since I'm jobless, I realize I can stay in New England longer, but I've got forms to fill out and serial plays to get ready for.

Plus, I miss my couch. Seriously, folks. That thing doesn't lie on itself, y'know.

Any ole fuckeroo, as you no doubt may have noticed, this blog (as well as its author) tends to get pretty directionless towards the tail end of the year, so I'm hoping the remaining posts for 2009, though haphazard and aimless, are still worth your while.

My current plan is to write up a few reviews and assessments on some plays and films I've seen recently, as well as to plug the fourth episode of Entrenched, which goes up at the Vampire Cowboys Battle Ranch as part of the penultimate Saturday Night Saloon for the third season.

In terms of showgoing, it's looking as though the pieces in Fight Fest will most likely be the remaining shows I see for the rest of the year (subject, of course, to change). UPDATE: I just got back and am in my apartment in Brooklyn, and realize I typed the previous sentence in haste. There are actually quite a number of shows outside of Fight Fest that I'm looking forward to seeing, such as the Production Company's show, Meg's New Friend, for example.

Which means that, once I'm done seeing the shows at Fight Fest, I'll tally and unveil my Top 10 list for the year.

Before we know it, it'll be 2010.

Which means it'll be Nosedive's 10th Season.


And that, of course, means a whole slew of new aggressive and shameless self-promotional plugs.

Insanely busy for a lazy guy with no job,

James "Lummox on the Loose" Comtois

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