Friday, December 18, 2009

Fighting With Schedule, Fighting On Stage

I'm currently trying to organize my schedule for my last few days here in the city before I leave for New Hampshire for the holidays on Tuesday, and things are definitely coming down to the wire. There are a number of shows I will regrettably not be able to see, about which I'm very bummed.

I was able to catch the very fun Craven Monkey and the Mountain of Fury from Piper McKenzie Productions last night at the Brick Theater's Fight Fest, which features one fight sequence with Becky Byers as a dragonfly that is itself worth the price of admission alone.

And it also features monkeys. Monkeys fucking. And monkeys fighting.

Seriously, what are you going to do, not see that? Come on.

Tomorrow night, I plan on seeing this from Nosedive Central vet Stephanie Cox-Williams:

The Zombie Project: The Story of Icarus Phoenix

Written, Directed and Fight Directed by Stephanie Cox-Williams

A glimpse of what will hopefully be a full-length production in the near future. The Zombie Project: The Story of Icarus Phoenix details the beginning of the zombie attacks and the creation of someone who could be the savior of the world. A girl has to decide if she gives up or if she will use her self-taught skills and wits to overcome the situation into which she's been thrown.

It's going up for one night only as a double-bill with new pieces from Youngblood tomorrow night at the Brick. Get your tickets here.

For fun, before sending out my Top 10 List of the year (which I'll be either just before or after New Year's), I'm compiling my Top 50 Films of the Decade, which I'm hoping to post next week in two parts. I just need to get the order right (as if it's really that crucial which movie is in position #32 versus #33). Because I figure what the Internet needs now is yet another list of some sort.

Clogging your browser with inanities,

James "Blathering Soothsayer" Comtois

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