Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From the Nosedive Archives: Quota Jim Pitches Zombie Tom

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the opening of Nosedive's first show, Monkeys, which went up February 16-26, 2000, Pete is uploading a new videos from our past exploits each day on our Web site.

Since we have no video or photos of our first play, Monkeys, we're posting a seemingly random hodgepodge of performance videos and backstage shenanigans.

Today's video is a clip from Evil Hellcat and the Liquid Lunch, the main show of our 2003 collection of one-acts, Evil Hellcat and Other Lurid Tales. In this scene (from a script that's basically Angel City-lite), Zombie Tom (Dennis Hurley), a producer and zombie, listens to the pitch of a young and eager screenwriter/would-be filmmmaker, Quota Jim (Don Makowski), so he can seduce coach Jim to make a killer pitch to the studio executive, Vampire Lula.

Yes. A short play about Hollywood-as-B-monster-movie, where studio execs are monsters who want to corrupt the idealistic young creator and groupies are succubi. I know. Subtle.

Anyway, here's the video. I think Dennis and Don are kind of freakin awesome in this scene. And note around the three-minute mark Tom's indignation towards Jim dropping a sliver of a pick on a black-tiled floor under dim lights. Dennis knew (from rehearsals) that once you drop that thing, it's gone.

Nosedive Archive: Quota Jim Pitches Zombie Tom from Pete Boisvert on Vimeo.

Wanting his three-picture deal,

James "Massive Would-Be Sellout" Comtois

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