Monday, June 28, 2010

The Happiest Medium on The Little One

Lina Zeldovich just posted this glowing review by on The Happiest Medium:

"With professionally staged fights by Qui Nguyen, beautifully implemented ominous lighting by Daniel Winters and portentous Goth-style costumes designed by Betsy Strong this two-hour show ends too soon, like a good book that you wanted to keep reading. Beautifully incarnated by the entire bloodthirsty cast, the alternate reality unwraps itself, pulling us into Cynthia’s journey, a mix of sweet innocence and vicious temper, acted so wickedly well that we root for her rather than our own kind. The Little One is a play that kidnaps you from modern day East Village reality and drops you into the vampire’s den with total immersion – similar to how J.K. Rowling throws her readers into her mysterious and magical universe, parallel to yet interconnected with our own."
-Lina Zeldovich, The Happiest Medium

We've just reached the halfway point with the show. So do yourself a favor and get your tickets.

Inundating you with coverage,

James "Pretty Media Whore" Comtois

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