Thursday, August 12, 2010

1,000th Post, Publishing News

I've been away from this site for a while for two reasons. The first is I realized that this would be my 1,000th post on this site, and in predictable OCD fashion, didn't want to completely waste it on a "Check out this YouTube video of a singing taint!" (not that such a video wouldn't be completely awesome to watch; I'd just rather use the 1,000th post to feature one of my singing taint videos).

The second is that I wanted to wait for the official green light to announce that news I had hinted at a couple weeks back. Now that it's on their site, I suppose I can blab about this.

Shortly after its NYIT Award nomination, Original Works Publishing has decided to publish Infectious Opportunity as part of its catalogue.

Copies are available for pre-sale now. There's also some information on the publisher's Facebook page.

I mean, look. I know this isn't what you'd expect for a milestone post or anything, since I'm offering no sort of retrospective on this site. But really, if I'm not offering any taint-dancing videos, who really cares about what the first blog post on this site was?

No time to reminisce,

James "Anti-Romantic" Comtois

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