Monday, June 13, 2011

Blood Brothers Up and Running

Awright. The Blood Brothers is now up and running, so I can breathe a little easier. Only a little easier, mind you, since we've still got some work to do on Captain Moonbeam and Lynchpin before we open next week, but there you are.

Sitting in the audience on Saturday, having spent the last 20 hours or so (give or take) in a state of anxiety over the show's opening (especially since how opening would go was out of my hands), it was such a nice feeling to have my stress and anxiety slowly and steadily dissipate as the show played out. In fact, this may have been one of the best openings for a Blood Brothers show in the history of the series.

(And okay, fuck it. It was particularly nice to watch the guy sitting in front of me squirm in discomfort and cover his eyes during Steph Finn's performance of "Daddy's Bad Medicine," one of the short pieces I wrote for the evening.)

So congratulations to the cast and crew for making this happen. You guys brought it.

I also have to offer much kudos to Mr. Ryan Andes for stepping up and doing a fine job understudying for Patrick as one of the brothers Blood. Having to open a show as understudy is never a fun thing, but you brought the magical sauce, Mr. Andes.

The next show is this Friday at 6 p.m. at the Kraine. Get your tickets.

Trying to get off-book for
Moonbeam for tomorrow,

James "Clumsy Actor" Comtois

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