Wednesday, June 22, 2011 Reviews Savior & Captain Moonbeam

Wow, that was fast. We just opened the double-bill of Savior & Captain Moonbeam and Lynchpin (featuring the animated short "The Confetti Myth") last night, and Ed Malin's review is already up on Check it!

Gotta say, last night was a whole lot of fun. Brian and I were pleasantly surprised at tech to see just how well our pieces fit together as part of an entire evening.

And even with Gavin Starr Kendall's very funny animated short film buffering our one-acts, the whole night is a little under an hour. To quote Brian: you can't beat that with a stick. You can try, but you will fail.

So get your tickets. There are only three shows left.

Inspiring you to do good,

James "Good Citizen" Comtois

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