Monday, December 05, 2011

Monkeys at the Monkey

Hey, folks. Tonight at 8pm at the Monkey Theatre, John Hurley will direct the opening scene from the debut play from Nosedive Productions, Monkeys.

Yes, this is the show that gave Nosedive it's logo.

Part One of Monkeys features Joe Mathers and Shashanah Dattilo. They're awesome. And awesome in this.

The excerpt will be part of Purple Rep's Dark Night Serials, which will take place for the next few Mondays (possibly longer) during the run of their latest show, The Myths We Need - or - How To Begin.

In addition to Yours Truly's show, tonight's Dark Night Serials feature excerpts from the work of Johnna Adams, Brendan Burke and August Schulenberg.

Next Monday features the work of Kristen Palmer, Adam Szymkowicz, Charlotte Miller and Larry Kunofsky.

And did I mention it's free?

The Monkey Theatre is on the 12th floor of 37 West 26th Street. A bunch of serialized plays by talented people are playing there tonight for free. So go there. And enjoy yourself. And be somebody.

Throwin' his poo art around,

James "Creative Biped" Comtois

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Blogger Goose said...

You know how excited I am about this don't you? The "unless you saw it when it happens cause nothing existed from this show but the art work" play of Nosedive. It's history! And art! And maybe poo?

1:55 PM  

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