Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Giving & Getting

For those getting into the holiday spirit, you can check out Matthew Freeman's blog, which gives a list of theatre companies and organizations you can give donations to (I'm quite thankful he put Nosedive on that list).

So, in that vein, here are a few suggestions of some theatre companies in addition to Matt's where you can contribute before the end of the year (this isn't a comprehensive list, just a small handful of companies that came to mind while the folks at Nosedive Central and I were prepping for this weekend's fundraising party):

Boomerang Theatre Company. A great group of talented and ambitious guys and gals that put on good theatre and good theatre often.

CollaborationTown. Okay, yes, it's a bit of a silly name (I realize I write that while running a company called "Nosedive" and endorsing another company called "Vampire Cowboys"), but they also put on very good work and very good work often (I'm honestly impressed and amazed at how prolific they are). They're getting ready to stage their latest, 6969, in January.

Spring Theatreworks. A group that consistently puts on fun and challenging plays that's never quite gotten the attention it deserves.

Stone Soup Theatre Arts. Ah, yes. The girls at the other end of the lake at summer camp (sorry, Ben Trawick-Smith). There's a lot of cross-pollination between this group and Nosedive (i.e., several cross-over cast members) and right now, they're on a fundraising campaign to help finance their upcoming double-bill of one-acts, set to go up in April. Show them love.

Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company. Co-artistic director and resident Qui Nguyen may very well be the long-lost, older Asian twin brother I never had. It's no secret that I have a lot of affection for this company, its work and its members, and am very happy to see Vampire Cowboys becoming a staple in the New York Off-off scene.

There are definitely other group and companies out there (as well as such organizations like The American Red Cross and The Food Bank For New York City) that are also worthy of financial support and attention, so my apologies to those.

Trying not to be so miserly,

James "Penny-Pincher" Comtois


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Asian?

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you buddy.

PS: Qui's Asian?

3:58 PM  
Blogger Jamespeak said...

Oh, right. Sorry. I meant Latino.

10:30 AM  

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