Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Been Seein' Some Shows...

Rather than actually take time off during Nervous Boy’s dark nights, I’ve been off seeing shows this week.

Thank God they’ve been good.

Sunday night, as mentioned, was Sheila Callaghan’s excellent Dead City. Monday night I went to see Adam Szymkowicz’s very funny play, Nerve, a show that reminded me yet again why I don’t date. Adam has been kind enough to give me pointers over email on how to “get back out there.” So far, he’s given me: a.) Lose the self-deprecation, and b.) Lose the pants (“Pants are for pussies with no confidence.” Can’t really argue against that one). Since I often wander around town sans pants, I guess I’m halfway there.

But seriously, folks. Adam’s play is pretty damn good. I had read it beforehand (it’s downloadable from his Web site) and was glad to see the live performance of it. Check it out if you get the chance.

Last night I finally saw Isaac Butler’s Rapid Response Team, which is odd that it’s taken me so long, considering that a.) I know a number of people involved in the group, and b.) I live two blocks away from the venue. It’s just had to do with scheduling conflicts as well as mixed signals as to when the thing started (the Web site says 8 p.m., until recently, the sandwich board outside of Galapagos said 10 p.m.). There was some funny stuff there. (Daryl Lathon, who acted in Nosedive’s Good Night, and Get Laid fundraiser show, performed in this and damn. He makes me laugh.) And it was cool to talk to Dan Trujillo for longer than thirty seconds and finally meet Isaac in person.

Tonight I get to see Matthew Freeman’s The Most Wonderful Love, which has been getting some really good press (hell, I was floored that Martin Denton’s review of Mr. Freeman’s show name-dropped Nervous Boy). I am very much looking forward to it.

I am not, however, looking forward to climbing those damn stairs at the Access Theater again. Maybe I’ll just hover by the freight elevator and sneak up with the cast…

Totally lying about taking time off to watch Wife Swap,

James “Hey, Baby, It Was Just A Little Fib!” Comtois


Blogger Adam said...

yes, lose the pants.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Jamespeak said...

Done and done!

Getting angry looks at my office,

James "Liberated" Comtois

11:42 AM  

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