Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Week

Well, this is not only the final week for A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol (which means you should get your tickets ASAP), but also my final week for the year at my day job (several vacation days that can't be rolled over to 2008 means an extended holiday break).

This of course means I have this week to finish writing episode four of Pinkie (after having my fifth cup of coffee for the day, I think I can do it).

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the latest version of Christmas Carol and am enjoying what Pete and the cast has brought to the table. Though, who knows? Maybe that's just the spiked 'nog talking. (I kid, I kid! Seriously, guys. It looks great.)

In 2008, I'm hoping to offer my "Top Ten" list for 2007, despite missing some very hot-ticket items throughout the course of the year (but then again, I always end up missing some "Must See" shows every year). It's more or less in its final form, especially since it looks as though I'll probably be seeing only one more show this year.

Anyway, the Red Room is a small theatre and we just have three more shows left, so you should get your tickets soon.

A Class Five Full Roaming Vapor,

James "Slimer" Comtois

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