Monday, September 08, 2008

Photos From The Grand Saloon

So, the first round of episodes for Vampire Cowboys' Saturday Night Saloon took place this weekend and I gotta say, what a blast. Despite the weather being monsoon-style, there was a huge turnout (people were poking their heads in the door because they couldn't fit in the space). And all of the pieces were great.

Hell, Webb Wilcoxen wrote and staged a musical. And I don't mean a show with some piano accompaniment and a handful of solos, I mean a full-on musical with overlapping melodies and recurring motifs!

It seems as though everyone involved from last year stepped up their games, and the audience appeared to truly dig it.

I'm also glad that our entry, Speed Demons, seemed to play like gangbusters. All in all, I have an absolute blast doing this series. Seeing the folks from the last time 'round feels damn near like summer camp reunion. I can't wait to continue doing this.

For those of you who couldn't check it out, here are some photos from our entry, Speed Demons. With a little luck, we'll post the video for it soon.
In addition, here are some photos from all of the shows.

A grease monkey,

James "Gimme A Banana" Comtois

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