Thursday, December 11, 2008

This Saturday: Party Like It's 1929

This Saturday, December 13, Stone Soup Theatre Arts hosts its annual winter gala, Party Like It's 1929.

Yoga Sutra Studios
501 5th Ave, at 42nd Street

8 p.m. -VIP Cocktail Hour - $30
9 p.m. - General Admission - $10

This event is precisely the kind of unique and unexpected production Stone Soup Theatre Arts has been known for in its seven years as a producing Off-Off Broadway company. All proceeds will benefit Stone Soup's April repertory production with two full-length productions, invited guest directors, and our renowned Salon series. Get your stars read in our foyer, foxtrot to live music in the main studio and grab a raffle for high end items from our Cigarette Girls, all for a brand new season of high quality, high-minded theatre.

With Party Like it's 1929, Stone Soup gives the high-hat to a money meltdown with its trademark originality, riskiness and humor. Just because we're hitting on all sixes in a crisis doesn't mean we shouldn't go out and jolly up.

Getting on the trolly,

James "Butter and Egg Man" Comtois

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