Sunday, February 01, 2009

Two Fundraising Events

Hey, gang. I just wanted to give everyone the head's up about two events happening in the next two months.

The first one is a joint venture between Nosedive and the baddest mofos in the New York theatre scene, Vampire Cowboys. Vampire Cowboys is set to open their latest show, Soul Samurai, quite soon. And, through their kindness, they're allowing Nosedive Productions to once again ride their coattails with a cross-marketing deal.

Nosedive is selling $25 tickets for the Thursday, February 19th performance of Soul Samurai. But the $25 isn't just for the show; it's also for admission to an after-party at the HERE Arts Center, hosted by Nosedive. We'll be serving drinks, of course. It'll be fun. The show starts at 8:30 p.m., the after-party will be, well, right after curtain call.

Proceeds from ticket sales go to both Vampire Cowboys and Nosedive Productions.

Anyone who's interested should drop me a line at

In addition, on Wednesday, March 11, at UNDER St. Marks at 10 p.m., we'll be hosting our own fundraising show, Nosedive's Disturbing Burlesque, featuring some of the loveliest ladies in the New York burlesque scene performing some unnerving routines. Hey, you may get an erection, but you may not feel good about yourself afterwards.

The lovable Bastard Keith will host.

So, seriously. Samurai fighters and burlesque dancers. Can you really go wrong with either?

Wanting the dancers to fight with swords,

James "Luck-Pusher" Comtois

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